Unattended wooden fences and decks can turn from a beautiful extension of your home into a dull and dreary extension. The weathering process and continued exposure to the elements can wreak havoc on the wood, allowing the natural openings in the wood to crack and become larger. As a result, the wood will retain too much moisture leading to rotting, warping and insect damage. Fortunately, an application of exterior wood stains will seal and protect the wood, avoiding these damages.

You don’t have to live with the dreary, gray, tired looking wood anymore! Staining your wood is a simple process that can be completed by a professional quickly and affordably. It’s certainly a lot cheaper to stain wood surfaces to prevent damages before they occur than it would be to start repairing or replacing these surfaces once damaged, so by all means, save yourself the time, energy and money and call CM Professional Painting for your wood staining needs!

Apart from salvaging your home or business from serious damage repairs, staining can also improve the overall aesthetics. Staining is a cost-effective way to make a change if you don’t like the way your current home or office looks. You can choose an attractive new color and give your home or work place an attractive sheen. You can even expand your color horizons. Wood stain comes in many different brown shades. You can also get grey, blue, red, and white stains. This gives you almost as many color options as traditional wall paint does.

At CM Professional Painting, there is no stain job too big or small. We stain decks, sidings, shingles, furniture, floors, ceilings and walls, and we use a variety of stains like alcohol, oil, water or gel based stains. Whatever the task might be, we are prepared!

If you’re to stain your residential or commercial property, give CM Professional Painting a call at 631-664-3085 and consult with one of our experts or get a free online estimate! We’re certified, licensed and insured to tackle any staining job, and for your convenience, we’re open 24/7!